CREUSABRO ® 4000, 4800, 8000, with wear resistant HB = 400-500 and temperature 300-350 ° C, ROC 321, with resistance to wear with HB = 300 and temperature resistance up to 600 (C, Duret 45 / 145 / 245, table wear resistant clad 59-62-64 HRc and temperature resistance 400 ° C, 550 ° C to 600 ° C, with excellent applications from asphalt plants, foundries, metallurgy, construction materials construction and cement, waste recovery, etc..

Deliver from stock or on order sheets with thickness from 3.2 mm up to # # 140 mm with standard formats 1500/2000/2500 x 6000/8000 mm but end with the cut made ​​on the subject, according to your requirements brands that successfully promote: DILLIDUR, RAEX, FORA, NICRODUR, HARDOX ®, QUARD, ROC, manganese and other table whose hardness HB = 200, 250, 300, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600. Applications: earthmoving machinery, mineral aggregates sorting stations, quarries, crushers, mixers, armor, mortar and concrete plants, applications in the wood processing industry and wood derivatives, milling, processing of sunflower seeds, etc..

Bullet-resistant, anti-personnel mines and grenades, antitank, Make: ARMOR ®, SECURITY, Ramor, MIILUX.

Military applications in the automotive industry, transport and storage values, security of persons and property, as conditions of STANAG 4569 NATO standards, with thicknesses between 3 and 150 mm, with hardness up to 600 units Brinel.

Technical specs ARMOX

IMEX, S460NL, S690QL, WELDOX® 700, 900, 1100

Table with excellent automotive applications (chassis), bridges, machinery for lifting etc., Any thickness and size according to needs.

Technical reference weldox 700